Hospice patients are cared for by a interdisciplinary  team of professionals who focus on the “whole person” not just the disease process itself.

Your hospice team members include:

  • A Physician or Nurse Practitioner who provides pain and symptom relief and overall medical direction.
  • A  Registered Nurse who visits 1-3 times a week more if needed.
  • A Health Aide who gives personal care, such as bathing and overall hygiene which is a basic necessity.
  • A Social Worker who offers emotional support and help with matters such as assistance with insurance or , power of attorney paperwork.
  • A Chaplain (when requested) who assists with spiritual needs and bereavement concerns whatever your faith may be.
  • A Volunteer to visit patients if requested.

Additionally we provide Durable Medical Equipment, such as wheel chairs, medical supplies such as wound care and medications for pain management or medications related to their diagnosis .  All of this is brought to your home and set up and managed by your visiting  hospice nurse

Patients can keep their own physician if elected. Our team works with the patient’s physician — or the patient’s physician may choose  to have the hospice doctor oversee the care. Many just want to be kept in the loop regarding changes in  the patient's status. 

Services We Bring To The Patients.